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Double glazing is the best way to create savings in your Govan home. With heating bills steadily rising, as well as our global temperature, its never been more crucial to install windows and doors that help your home save energy. Our double glazing enables you to cut your costs while increasing your comfort.

At Vantage, we offer Pilkington’s first-class double-glazing across a vast range of windows and doors. Wherever you choose to install them, they’ll give you more warmth, more security and more privacy. As well as that, we offer plenty of styles to suit traditional and modern homes, and to ensure you can fit a window or door anywhere.

With us, you can be confident in making a worthwhile investment. We work with manufacturers like VEKA, Rockdoor and many more to offer windows and doors that perform for your home. Made from innovative uPVC, they’ll give your home strength and durability that can last for decades.

Also, for even more peace of mind, we offer a ten-year insurance backed guarantee on our double glazing in Govan. With this and our 30 years of installation experience, we’re a double glazing supplier you can trust. To make an investment that’ll reward you from day one, then get in touch with Vantage today.

Key Features

Our double glazing, supplied by Pilkington, can transform your Govan home in surprising ways. It won’t just give you better views or natural light, but will also save energy and save money, while also giving you better protection from intruders and bad weather. At Vantage, we’re committed to providing quality.

  • Air and water-tight design that keeps the weather out
  • Clear double glazing with stunning natural light
  • Double glazing with A-C-rated u-values
  • Multi-point locking systems and reinforced handles
  • Will continue to perform without regular cleaning
  • Outstanding insulation that reduces your energy usage
  • Increased property value when it's time to move on
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Our Finance Options

Highly Competitive Finance Options

We offer a highly competitive 12.9% APR finance option for our windows and doors, allowing you to enjoy the freedom to enhance your home in a way that suits you: available across a two to seven year plan to accommodate your budget.

State of the Art System

To ensure our finance options are tailored to precision, we have invested in a cutting edge finance calculator that will enable you to get an accurate idea of the types of repayments you will be making across the plan that you choose.

Available Across our Full Range

We offer a wide range of market-leading windows and doors that will serve as a fantastic way for you to make your home a safer and more comfortable place to be. To make this as easy as possible for you, our finance options are available across all of our products.

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With a window that contains advanced double glazing, you can make your Hillhead home a more welcoming space. Pilkington's premium glass offers beautiful natural light, while our uPVC frames are slim and don't get in the way. Additionally, their advanced design ensures your home stays warm without your central heating.
You can fit our double glazing into a new door too, to ensure that you can create an entrance that glows. You can install front and back doors, as well as ones that seamlessly connect your home to your garden. All of our styles feature double glazing that has stunning performance and protection.
At Vantage, we want to transform your home with products that look good and make you feel good. We take the stress out of not only installations but whether your windows or doors will last for your home. That's why we offer a 10-year, insurance-backed guarantee, to ensure that they will.
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Double Glazing Windows

Vantage’s range of double glazing windows is the ideal choice for your Hillhead home. We only work with VEKA so we can supply homes across Scotland with German-engineered windows and uPVC frames. In our casement windows, you’ll get the perfect blend of glass and thin materials that offer beautiful natural light for your space.

We also offer flush sash windows that leave no space between the frame and the glass for a tighter design. With this window, you can get full weatherproofing for your home and increased insulation. Our tilt and turn windows, meanwhile, can open in a variety of ways to give you the flexibility to put them anywhere.

As well as that, we are also proud to provide sliding sash windows that provide any Hillhead home with an elegant window that opens upward. With all of our windows, you can benefit from 100% recyclable materials and brilliant insulation. They are environmentally friendly and will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Double Glazed Doors

Our doors make a lasting impression. With a range of five distinct options, you’ll be in total control of deciding the amount of double glazing, the position and the style your Govan home deserves. With our uPVC doors, you’ll get a durable door that saves energy inside your home.

Alternatively, our composite doors from Rockdoor use materials like timber and GRP to give you a robust entrance that keeps your home safe from intruders. If you have a conservatory or an extension, you could install french doors that swing outwardly to create an elegant pathway between it and your home.

To add a double glazing door to your Hillhead home that will truly stand out, you could add our sliding or bi-fold doors. They can replace a wall of your home with a beautiful, glass view of your garden. As well as that, they both open on in-line sliders, preserving space inside your home while giving your home a powerful feeling of space and light.

Double Glazing Prices Govan

For double glazing that completely rewrites how you use your Govan home, talk to Vantage to add the best possible quality windows and doors to your space.

Our double glazing cost calculator puts you in control of your design, from the colours to any accessories. Decide on the precise look of your new addition, and we’ll provide you with an instant quote for your ideas.

Additionally, you can ask us anything about our products and installations using our online contact form.

Finally, speak to us directly on 01698 748 888 today to discuss all of your double glazing ideas for your Govan home.

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